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Every painting cycle for coil-coating product includes the following parts:
Alkaline degreasing
Primer application on main side and back-coating application on the back side, oven baking and cooling
Finishing coat application on main side, oven baking and cooling



 Appearance:  Uniform
 Primer thickness:  Micron      5 (+/- 1)
 Top thickness:  Micron     20 (+/- 2)
 Stick hardness:  Mina          F/H
 Brightness:  Gloss       5 - 90
 Grid adhesion:  %    100
 Reverse Impact adhesion:  %    100
 Adhesion Lap:  %    100
 Bend (T bend test):  T     1 / 2
 Scratch Resistance:  Good
 Weathering Resistance:  Good
 Resistance to chemicals:  Good
 Resistance in salin mist:  > 1000 hours


Emmepreverniciati, as in the case of what mention above, chooses the best panting cycles for every final use, enhancing specific mechanic or physichochemical resistance and dealing with the aesthetic result.

Prerogatives of the products we provide:

1 - BF Mirror
It consists in the application of transparent extra-polished paint on mirror laminated aluminium base (BF).
It exalts aluminium specularity, providing an infinite range of colours.

2 - Transparent MF
It consists in the application of transparent semi-polished and opaque paint on regular aluminium base (MF).
It reduces the typical “coldness” of metal, conferring velvet effects.

3 - Scratch-resistant
It consists in the application of transparent semi-polished paint with very high resistance to abrasion and scratches. It can be laid on every colour base.

4 - Pearlescent
It consists in the application of pearlescent paint with homogenous aspect. The aesthetic effect is exalted by direct light.

5 - Iridescent
It consists in the application of pearlescent paint with iridiscent chromatic effect while changing angle of observation.
A better result is usually obtained on very dark bases.


6 - Phosphorescent / fluorescent
Only for indoor use.
Phosphorescent products “charge up” through light exposure and remain “lighted” in the dark for a while.
Fluorescent products exalt with exposure to Wood’s lamp.

7 - Hygienizing
Only for indoor use.
Only for indoor use. It consists in the application of semi-polished transparent colour with disinfecting and hygienizing properties on coated surfaces.
It is usually on white base but can be laid also on every colour base.

8 - Suitable cycle for decoration through sublimation
a -
Opaque, semi-polished or polished transparent applied directly on mirror (BF) or regular aluminium in order to obtain specific artistic effects.
     per ottenere effetti artistici particolari.
b -
Base + transparent make it possible to obtain wooden, marble effects etc…


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