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EMME PREVERNICIATI has a coil–coating line system for aluminium or zincated sheet tapes.

The goal is to manufacture small-medium lots of distinctive products, realized ‘ad hoc’ according to requirements and with very fast terms of delivery.

It is therefore possible to manufacture tapes (or plates) in every colour in RAL, N C S, PANTONE tables etc, and especially personalized colours in order to meet special technical and aesthetic requirements as well.

We don’t believe a universal product suitable to every use exists. Our prerogative is to provide the best solution to every demand, on the base of an experience in the sector dating back to 1974.

A pre-painted tape is extremely convenient, since it allows every kind of work to be carried out, unlike traditional painting methods directly on the painted tape: cutting, pricking, deep-drawing, press-folding, bordering, serigraphy, tampography, sublimated decoration, laser incision and much more.

In evaluating the economic convenience of pre-painted products you should not just consider the unit prize. In a context in which scheduling is more and more complex and it crucial to work quickly, concrete benefits of COIL-COATING are of evident practical and logistic nature, more than economic. The user receives the products, carries out the working and is ready to deliver, saving transportation expenses towards the factory and cancelling waiting time for post-painting appointment.

Painting cycles adopted from time to time allow all the abovementioned works to be carried out without breaks of paint, through the use of laminates with suitable characteristics; they allow exposure also to critical weather conditions without the risk of any relevant surface modification, colour damage and alteration of technical, functional and aesthetic effectiveness of product.

Emme Preverniciati srl - via dei Campazzi 23,  Gerenzano (VA) - tel: 0296489364 - P.Iva: 02592500124
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