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 coil coating - alcea - azienda lombarda colori e affini
Il Coil Coating è uno dei sistemi più moderni e tecnologicamente avanzati per il rivestimento in continuo di nastri metallici con vernici liquide, polveri o film plastici che possono essere prodotti in una grande varietà di colori, brillantezze e aspetti superficiali per soddisfare qualunque esigenza di mercato.

 coil coating - wikipedia
Coil coating is the continuous and highly automated industrial process for efficiently coating coils of metal. Because the metal is treated before it is cut and formed, the entire surface is cleaned and treated, providing tightly-bonded finishes.

 coil coating | salchi metalcoat | coatings and inks for ...
Our COIL Coating technologies include thermal, NIR and UV curing products. COIL Coating. The portfolio includes the full range of polyester, polyurethane and PVDF coatings factory-applied on the most advanced high-speed coil coating lines.

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 coil coating - traduzione in italiano – dizionario linguee
Beginning with the innovative powder coil coating, Otefal's development policy based on 'thinking differently' has brought technical and commercial investments such as the purchase of new systems in Cagliari, Lodi and St Chamond (F), the set up of distribution centres in both Europe and the rest of the world, and the sales of specialised coil ...

 pigmentan | coil coatings
Coil coating processes are characterized by a very high throughput speed and very short time between application and the curing zone. Common coil coating primer formulations are based on polyester resins heat cured with amino resins with acid catalysts.

 what is coil coating? what does coil coating mean? coil coating meaning, definition & explanation
The definition of a coil coating process according to EN 10169 : 2010 is a ‘process in which an (organic) coating material is applied on rolled metal strip in a continuous process which includes cleaning, if necessary, and chemical pre-treatment of the metal surface and either one-side or two-side, single or multiple application of (liquid) paints or coating powders which are subsequently ...

 about coil coating - prepainted metal
The coil coating process which is used to produce prepainted metal is continually evolving to produce better products, higher quality, faster and with lower environmental impact. Some of the major innovations in recent years have been:

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